You have planned to take the big step of making your life together a reality with a big YES?

Now the serious stuff will start. You will have to organise this event, find the place, find the caterer, find the DJ, find the photographer, find ideas for the decoration, find ideas for the entertainment, etc etc… .

So many things that are rather unusual for most future brides and grooms.

Here comes the stage fright and the stress that sets in. Have I done the right thing in choosing this service provider rather than that one? Will the party be a success? Will the guests have good memories of our wedding? These are all questions that many future brides and grooms will inevitably ask themselves.

If there is no miraculous answer to all these questions, it is true that the experience of a service provider will be a precious help to avoid the pitfalls and to guide you in the organisation of plan of the day while enjoying the best of this great day. After all, it is YOUR big day and it would be a pity if, with the stress, you were not able to take full advantage of it.

The photographer is one of the few service providers (perhaps even the only one) who will accompany the bride and groom throughout the day and a part of the night during the party. As such, the photographer’s experience is invaluable in guiding and supporting you both in the organisation and throughout the day.



The day of the party arrives and here again the photographer will have a key role. Of course we all want to have beautiful pictures of the wedding with the bride and groom as well as the guests. This may seem obvious but in practice it is not as simple as it seems.

Not everyone is comfortable standing in front of a photographer’s lens. Fortunately, there are little “tricks” to reassure the guests and allow you to have shots of all the guests in a joyful and good mood. In the end, both the bride and groom as well as their guests will be happy to find the photos in the private gallery.

Even if each wedding is unique, there are nevertheless important stages that should be immortalised in order to build together the scrapbook of your wedding. The album is precious because it will bring together the most beautiful pictures and retrace the highlights of your day. You and your family will enjoy looking through it for many years to come.

Among the important moments of the day, we will often start with the photos of the preparations, then the different ceremonies (civil, religious, secular), then the cocktail party, then the evening and up to the wedding cake without forgetting the opening dance or the traditional speeches. But in the evening too there is often an important place dedicated to the animation of a live photobooth.   



When it comes to the question “how much does it cost?” at the risk of disappointing you will not find all the prices and options here. In order to achieve quality work, a synergy between the bride and groom and the artistic photographer must be established. We are not talking about buying a new hoover from a catalogue, but a creation of an artistic work for what could be the most important day of your life.

My rates are on the average rates of a professional photographer. Depending on the wishes of each person, an extended or reduced service can be agreed upon, with or without options..

Because your wedding deserves it, it is best to meet in my showroom to discuss in more detail what

YOUR DREAM WEDDING could look like.

Wedding preparations

Every moment of your day is important and filled with emotion, but the preparations at the beginning of the day are more intimate memories in a small setting to keep track of the makeup, hair and dressing.


Whether it is the civil ceremony, the religious ceremony or even the secular ceremony, the photos will allow you to have the pleasure of reliving each of these magical moments for many years by leafing through your souvenir album.


After the official moments, the cocktail party is a time to relax and enjoy a friendly moment with your friends and loved ones over a drink. It’s also an opportunity to let your joy shine through.


Wedding night party

The evening is truly an opportunity to party, have fun, laugh and dance. From the decoration of the room, the entrance of the bride and groom, the speeches, the games, the opening dance, the cake, etc… the photos will allow you to relive each of these precious moments.



The schedule of the wedding day is often very busy and the bride and groom want to spend as much time as possible with their family and guests. So most often we choose to schedule the photo session with the bride and groom on another day. We have the choice of location and the choice of time to optimize the style and rendering of the images.


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