Who I am ?

Photographer based in Alsace

    The camera has been part of my life for several decades now.
photograph human relationships and all those small and big moments of happiness that life brings us: weddings, births, motherhood, the beautiful moments in family.


First of all, I love my job and I do it with passion. I take to heart to immortalize these moments of life and my goal is that these moments are forever engraved on paper as well as in your heart. I am passionate about life, love, children, people.


     The photo has to be authentic, like a slice of life. No forced smiles or other tense attitudes.

My personality

     It is often said that I have an infectious enthusiasm and that I am dynamic with a touch of madness.

Creator of emotion

For me, emotion must be at the heart of your images. It’s essential to bring out your story and offer you memories that resemble you. More precisely, we will play, laugh, cry with joy and even do anything!


My passion

I am passionate about life, people and their stories. I am passionate about capturing feelings and emotions. I will not simply take beautiful pictures, but I will capture a look, a complicity, a smile, a tear of happiness, a burst of laughter, etc…

This is what gives value to a picture and it is important that each moment, big or small, remains forever engraved in our memories.

And if your photos became an unforgettable memory… Indeed, the souvenir album of a family photo session, a wedding or a birth are things that are truly part of the family heritage. Flipping through the album year after year will allow you to relive the highlights of your life through the pictures.

More than a photographer, I hope to become the one who will be able to embellish the walls of your home with beautiful enlargements on art paper or canvas or any other support of your choice.


I am at your disposal to advise you. Do not hesitate to contact me.

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